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ledger and magnifying glass - forensic accounting
Forensic Accounting / Fraud

Michael Goldman has been published in numerous professional journals and book.  His writing about how to detect fraud has made him a sought-out author and speaker.

Stack of cash - value
Business Valuation

Michael Goldman is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of The Value Examiner, the bi-monthly professional journal published by the National Association of Valuation Analysts.  He has had articles published in The Value Examiner as well as other publications written for attorneys and valuation professionals.

Money and stethescope - diagnose business problems
Insolvency / Restructuring

Michael Goldman is not just a recognized practitioner in the insolvency field, he is also an author and speaker on insolvency topics.  Enjoy his articles on insolvency, tax problems of distressed companies, bankruptcy fraud, assessing company viability, turnaround strategies, and more.

scales of justice - balance marital property
Marital Dissolution

Michael Goldman's articles on divorce focus on forensic accounting (finding hidden income, investigating professional practices, etc.), the valuation of small businesses in divorce, and resolving goodwill issues in marital dissolution cases.

cash puzzle - figuring out accounting
Accounting for Lawyers

A series of articles written for attorneys who need a business understanding of accounting and financial issues.

green shoots - starting a new business

A collection of writings by Michael Goldman covering popular and important topics in Entrepreneurship such as valuation, getting started, buying a business, management, and legal protection.

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