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Valuation of Start-up and Early Stage Companies

An article examining the particular challenges of valuing a start-up or early stage company, including evaluating the management team, analyzing financial projections, and which valuation methods may be applicable.  Published in The Value Examiner in July 2008.

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Can a New Business Win an Award for Lost Profits?

A new business without a track record of profitability can win damage awards in court, based on evidence of the likelihood of future earnings.  This article from Goldman's Critical Support explains how.

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New Venture Creation

See Michael Goldman's Entrepreneurship page for links to his lecture slides used in the graduate-level course he teaches, New Venture Creation.

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Buying a Small Business

Article that originally appeared in Goldman's Critical Support about traps and pitfalls of buying a new business, things to consider in your due dilligence.

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Managing a Growing Business

Presentation put on by Michael Goldman at the DuPage County Job Fair on the importance of controlled growth - managing cash, budgeting, and controlling the operations of the company.

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Starting a Business

Presentation put on by Michael Goldman at the DuPage County Job Fair on starting a business and business plans. 

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