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Investigation of a Professional Practice

This is a chapter written by Michael Goldman that appeared in Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses by Aspen Law.  It discusses how to perform a forensic review on a professional practice as part of a valuation or investigation in divorce cases.

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Finding Hidden Income

Sniffing Out Fraud Can Lead to New Opportunities published in the January / February 2006 edition of The Value Examiner, a professional development journal for the consulting disciplines published by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

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When do you need a Forensic Review in a Divorce Case?

Spouses in divorce cases commonly feel that they are being taken advantage of. When one of the spouses (the “in-spouse") owns a business, the non-owner spouse may suspect the business is being used to hide assets or income. This article originally appeared in Goldman's Critical Support. 

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Goodwill - The Key to Valuing a Professional Practice

Much of the value of a professional practice consists of goodwill: its reputation, client base, knowledge, technical skill, research, brand awareness, and associations that the firm maintains.   Valueing Goodwill takes special skills and techniques and a keen understanding of what drives the company's value.

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Valuing Small Businesses in Divorce

Many small businesses require valuation in family law court.  This article, originally appearing in Goldman's Critical Support, discusses key aspects of small business valuation.

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