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Many assumptions are inherent in the preparation of a business valuation.  These assumptions typically vary with both the purpose of the valuation and the specific company being valued.  The value derived must be well thought-out and supportable based upon the facts and circumstances of the case.  Michael Goldman understands these nuances and has prepared valuations for purposes of solvency analysis, divorce or shareholder dissolution, tax, financing or investment, and litigation.

Divorce Cases

  • A $1.8 million electrical contractor
  • A $2 million mortgage broker
  • A $400,000 HVAC Contractor
  • A $5 million apparel manufacturer
  • A bio-tech start-up
  • A $400,000 pet grooming business
  • A $12 million professional practice
  • A $1 million liquor store
  • An excavation contractor
  • A kosher kitchen restaurant / caterer
  • Residential apartment buildings
  • An architecture practice
  • A daycare center
  • A $2 million electrical contractor
  • A $1 million sign shop
  • A gourmet niche restaurant

Shareholder or Partner Disputes

  • A high-tech start-up
  • A $30 million printing company
  • A well-known Chicago baking company
  • A $4 million recycling  / manufacturing company
  • A $2 million project management company
  • A $450,000 advertising agency
  • A $13 million distributor
  • A $1.5 million beauty salon
  • A $4 million service company
  • A $10 million food manufacturer
  • A $2 million paper recycling firm
  • A $2 million on-line auction company
  • A $12 million distributor of ski and snow sports products

Estate and Gift Tax

  • A Family Limited Partnership owning real estate
  • A $10 million lumber yard
  • A $5 million aero space parts manufacturer
  • A $40 million metals manufacturer
  • A real estate holding company
  • A property management company

Other Litigation Cases

  • Litigation concerning the value of a law firm in a legal malpractice case
  • Litigation concerning the value of goodwill and lost profits related to a personal injury law firm
  • Lost profits litigation concerning a restaurant and landlord negligence
  • Lost profits litigation concerning breach of duties by a franchisor
  • A $3 million home and garden retailer being seized by the IRS
  • Damages in a hotel management case

Solvency and Fraudulent Conveyance Related Valuations:

  • Liquidation analysis of a $100 million regional retailer
  • Solvency analysis, including valuation of personal and professional goodwill, for a national chain of fertility clinics
  • Solvency analysis for a $6 million retail chain over a three-year period for prosecution of insider fraudulent conveyance
  • Solvency analysis for a $45 million manufacturer over a four-year period for prosecution of insider fraudulent conveyance
  • Assistance on the inventory appraisal of a $1.4 billion manufacturing company for refinancing
  • Assistance on the inventory appraisal of a $1.5 billion retail company for refinancing
  • Valuation of a $55 million technology company for restructuring purposes

Consulting Projects for Investment Managers:

  • A $7.8 billion global manufacturer and distributor of consumer branded products
  • A $1.4 billion manufacturer of recreations vehicles
  • A $1 billion manufacturer and retailer of home furnishings
  • A $13.5 billion retailer of office products
  • A $9 billion global operator and franchiser of quick service restaurants
  • A $1.5 billion retailer of musical instruments

Valuations for Other Purposes:

  • Assistance to business owners in the buy / sell decision making process
  • Assistance with the due diligence process during the acquisition of three multi-million dollar businesses in the wholesale and printing industries
  • Assisting the potential buyer of a $17 million retail company in evaluating the valuation report of another professional
  • Valuation of a customer list of a printing company for financial reporting purposes
  • Valuation of a note payable from a construction company


Specialty Areas:

  • Marital dissolution

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Fraudulent conveyance

  • Solvency analysis

  • Estate and Gift tax

  • Obtaining financing

  • Succession planning

  • Lost Profit analysis

  • Commercial Damages

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