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Market Turmoil May Require New Ways to Build-up Cost of Capital

Article by Michael Goldman about how market turmoil must influence the way Cost of Capital is calculated.  Published in the January 2009 edition of The Value Examiner and subsequently included in training courses provided by three different national professional organizations.

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The New Appreciation of Risk - follow-up to the Market Turmoil article

A follow-up article to Market Turmoil May Require New Ways to Build-up Cost of Capital published in The Value Examiner in September 2011.

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Valuation of Start-up and Early Stage Companies

An article examining the particular challenges of valuing a start-up or early stage company, including evaluating the management team, analyzing financial projections, and which valuation methods may be applicable.  Published in The Value Examiner in July 2008.

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Investigation of a Professional Practice

This is a chapter written by Michael Goldman that appeared in Valuing Professional Practices and Licenses by Aspen Law.  It discusses how to perform a forensic review on a professional practice as part of a valuation or investigation in divorce cases.

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Goodwill - The Key to Valuing a Professional Practice

Much of the value of a professional practice consists of goodwill: its reputation, client base, knowledge, technical skill, research, brand awareness, and associations that the firm maintains.   Valuing Goodwill takes special skills and techniques and a keen understanding of what drives the company's value.

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Can a New Business Win an Award for Lost Profits?

A new business without a track record of profitability can win damage awards in court, based on evidence of the likelihood of future earnings.  This article from Goldman's Critical Support explains how.

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Presentation of Financial Information

Good presentation can make the difference between communicating and being understood or not.  Financial people often make the mistake of assuming that their numbers speak for themselves.  This book review of Painting with Numbers: Presenting Financials and Other Numbers So People Will Understand You was published in September 2012 edition of  The Value Examiner.

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Common Mistakes in Valuation Reports

Originally appearing in Goldman's Critical Support newsletter, this article addresses some of the mistakes most commonly found in valuation reports and what a rebuttal expert witness is likely to focus on.

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Solvent or Insolvent?

This  article that originally appeared in Goldman's Critical Support newsletter discussed how to determine whether or not a business was insolvent, and if so when it first became insolvent.  Insolvency is not as clear cut as most originally assume.

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Capitalizing vs Discounting

What's the difference between discount rates and discounts? This article will define those terms and explain their different uses.  Originally appeared in Goldman's Critical Support.

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